Partner with dNaga to get to the World Parkinson’s Congress

The PEACE Project is inspired by dancers grappling with Parkinson’s Disease and tackling the challenges of living with PD through dance. Claudine Naganuma has been teaching Dance for PD® since 2007, the world-acclaimed program that began at the Mark Morris Dance Center in partnership with the Brooklyn Parkinson’s Group. dNaga was featured in Dave Iverson’s recent film Capturing Grace. People with PD experience decreasing mobility, balance problems, fatigue, and sometimes dementia. Dancing brings in joy and helps to maintain courage. Our unique approach seeks to inspire the next generation of scientists and doctors to find a cure for this devastating disease and for those with Parkinson’ s to find connection and community.

“Here we all are, in this room together, singing and crying and dancing and facing the future all together, as one. I am aware of the miracle of the moment and I love it. These experiences have changed me in a permanent way…. With your support you can help to change lives, the lives of dancers and the lives of people with Parkinson’s.”

   – Lucie, dancer in Shaking and Shocking

Partner with dNaga to provide free art programming to girls in East Oakland

The GIRL Project directly addresses safety and freedom for girls. The project and its culminating performance and exhibit offer services to girls who are often marginalized and under a tremendous amount of stress. These stressors include issues of safety and dealing with trauma as a result of growing up in East Oakland. The GIRL Project serves to provide food and activities for at risk girls of color at a crucial time during a time when life on the streets may socially or financially look like a good option. Our programming seeks to offer consistent caring adults in partnership with agencies who will be there through their adulthood.

“I am pleased that Ms. Naganuma’s camps are free, which allow my daughter to attend. I feel that the arts should be provided to all children regardless of their socioeconomic status. Also, it ensures that children are kept busy during their school breaks. It prevents idleness and getting into mischief.

In addition, and most importantly, my daughter, granddaughter and the other girls were treated with care and respect by Ms. Naganuma and her staff. However, my girls did have one complaint. They wished the program was longer, because they had a wonderful time.”

                                                                        -Yvette Donelson

What can you do?

  • Please consider making a tax-deductible donation by sending a check made out to Dancer’s Group, with dNaga in the memo and send to:

Claudine Naganuma
c/o Danspace
473 Hudson Street
Oakland, CA 94618

  • Or, click here to donate online at
  • We love partnering with businesses that support the arts and are aligned with our values! For inquiries about corporate sponsorship opportunities, please email Artistic Director Claudine Naganuma at
  • If you have Parkinson’s Disease, contact us to RSVP for a free dance class with Dance For PD at Danspace in Oakland, or visit Dance for PD for more information.


Photo by Michael Ertem

Photo by Michael Ertem