dNaga’s company class mapping out homelessness


People who are homeless are also part of our community and we want to use what powers we have to support their lives. Where do we begin?

                                            Vien Truong


Recently, Claudine Naganuma interviewed Vien Truong about empowering girls and women and discussed how to be effective change makers.

Homelessness, if it was an easy answer somebody would have solved it in San Francisco, Oakland, New York or one of these cities. It’s not fixed because it is huge problem.

                                                 Vien Truong


According to East Oakland Community Project, a multi-service organization offering emergency and transitional housing in Alameda County, 49.2% of Alameda County’s citizens are homeless. Of those who are homeless, families make up 43% and children make up 28% of that figure.

When we come together with a sure sense of solidarity and purpose to figuring it out, then we can actually apply our shared powers together.

                                                     Vien Truong


Participants in dNaga’s company class reflected on the explosion of homelessness that is occurring in the Bay Area and specifically in Oakland and created the following mind map.



In Schools and Communities

  •     Homelessness
  •     Mental Illness
  •     Drugs
  •     Sex
  •     Getting involved

For Police Force

  •     Confronting Mental Illness


  •     Call your local representatives to voice that the community cares about this issue
  •     Allocate tax money towards funding a place for homeless to sleep
  •     Creating affordable housing and healthcare
  •     Raise minimum wage
  •     Give ex-convicts what they need to start over and stay out of prison
  •     Crackdown on human trafficking
  •     Attend local government meetings and voice your opinion
  •     Vote for those who make a difference about this issue



  •     Local shelters
  •     Food banks
  •     Facilities and service agencies for homeless


  •     Food
  •     First Aid Kits
  •     Hygiene Supplies
  •     Educational Programs
  •     Money
  •     Job Training
  •     School Supplies

Next Steps:

  •     Create: more shelters, public restrooms, healthcare, programs, jobs
  •     Acceptance of sexuality and gender identity
  •     Empower homeless to take action themselves


If you want to get involved with this complex issue, don’t recreate the wheel, identify who are the people doing this work and what are the gaps, what is our power and how can we use our power to get to the gaps and the outcome.

                                         Vien Truong


For more information about Vien Truong, please visit: https://www.thedreamcorps.org

Oakland Community Project: http://www.eocp.net/what-we-do/who-is-homeless/

For more information about Circle of Sisterhood please visit: http://dnaga.org/circle-of-sisterhood/

BOSS- Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency: https://self-sufficiency.org/

Census Information: https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/fact/table/alamedacountycalifornia/PST045216

dNaga company class offers students at Danspace an opportunity to participate in the process of creating new work. Students engage in ballet, modern, butoh and theater idioms and in critical reflection around issues pertaining to public health, social justice and art. Students have the opportunity to perform in showcases around the Bay Area with an inter-generational cast, including people with Parkinson’s disease.

About Claudine

Claudine Naganuma (Choreographer/Teacher) received a liberal arts education from Dominican College, earning a BA degree in English Literature. She studied Early Childhood Education while she earned an MFA in Dance from Mills College in Choreography and Performance(1992). Claudine taught at Aurora Elementary School in the fourth/fifth grade classroom and at La Escuelita in a sixth grade classroom doing a fall semester empowerment workshop. She is currently a ballet teacher and Director of Danspace and its Dance for PD® program since 2007. Claudine served as the Artistic Director of Asian American Dance Performances for twelve years. There, she had the opportunity to curate and produce Asian Pacific Islander (API) dance makers and lead its resident dance company, Unbound Spirit. Together with San Francisco Community Arts Organizations, the Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center was founded to support contemporary API work. As a choreographer, Claudine has received a Young Presenters award from Jacob’s Pillow, a Jack Loftis and Vibeke Strand Honorary Fellowship as a Djerassi Artist in Resident. She was also selected as an international exchange artist between the Hong Kong Fringe Club and the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Claudine’s work was recently filmed as part of Dave Iverson’s documentary Capturing Grace. Her choreography set on the Mark Morris Dance Group’s Youth Company along with members of the Brooklyn Parkinson Group and dNaga performed at the World Parkinson Congress in September 2016. Claudine’s untiring dedication to the community is further evidenced by her GIRL project, now in its fourth year. This is a free art and empowerment workshop for middle school girls living in the San Antonio District of Oakland.

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