dNaga performs on September 20th and 22nd in Portland, Oregon at the World Parkinson Congress!

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We are close to our goal but need to raise $5,000 more before September 20th to have the event pay for itself! Our indiegogo campaign will help raise funds to support our performances at the Tuesday night Opening Reception and Thursday night Musical Event. Dancers who will be performing at the Congress include: Martha Friedberg, Warren Brunetti, Michelle Johnston, Gary Turchin, Cathy Quides, Sylvie Rodgers, Ellie Kerwin, Leila Massoudi, Catalina Jackson-Urueña, Erin Landers, Shosi Black, and Yael Berrol.

And a big shoutout to our GO GO dNaga dancers!

  • Anne and Karl Rutherdale Kuhlmann
  • Brooke la Saulle
  • Carol Hayden
  • Cathy Quides
  • Daniel Littman
  • Deborah Anderson
  • Debra Kajiyama
  • Diane Quintana
  • Didier Jacquet
  • Edie Siber
  • Ekua Walker
  • Eleanor Rush
  • Ellen Bepp
  • Erika Mailman
  • Ernesta Corvino
  • Geoffrey Johnston
  • Gwendolyn Barry
  • Harriet Charney
  • Holly Cost
  • Jahlee Arakaki
  • Jami Zakem
  • Jean Wells
  • Joanie Mitchell
  • Jody Branham
  • John Koenigshofer
  • John Rowe
  • Julia Yoshino
  • Julie Nesnansky
  • K. A. Herman
  • Karen Bianchini
  • Kathi Bruce
  • Kathleen Jalapour
  • Kathleen Meagher
  • Kathryn Traynor
  • Kumiko Uyeda
  • Lance Batten
  • Laurie Harris
  • Lawrence Brewster
  • Linda Romero
  • Lorie Brillinger
  • Lynne Kerwin
  • Lynn Glick
  • Malka Scheinok
  • Margaret Hutchinson
  • Martha Hawkins
  • Mary Lawson
  • Mollie Speiglman
  • Patricia Needle
  • Paula Blasier
  • Robin Beringer
  • Silviana Horn
  • Tanya Chianese
  • Tim Thompson
  • Timothy Gordon
  • Toshi Quides
  • Vicki Edge
  • Wendy Lichtman


About Claudine

Claudine Naganuma (Choreographer/Teacher) received a liberal arts education from Dominican College, earning a BA degree in English Literature. She studied Early Childhood Education while she earned an MFA in Dance from Mills College in Choreography and Performance(1992). Claudine taught at Aurora Elementary School in the fourth/fifth grade classroom and at La Escuelita in a sixth grade classroom doing a fall semester empowerment workshop. She is currently a ballet teacher and Director of Danspace and its Dance for PD® program since 2007. Claudine served as the Artistic Director of Asian American Dance Performances for twelve years. There, she had the opportunity to curate and produce Asian Pacific Islander (API) dance makers and lead its resident dance company, Unbound Spirit. Together with San Francisco Community Arts Organizations, the Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center was founded to support contemporary API work. As a choreographer, Claudine has received a Young Presenters award from Jacob’s Pillow, a Jack Loftis and Vibeke Strand Honorary Fellowship as a Djerassi Artist in Resident. She was also selected as an international exchange artist between the Hong Kong Fringe Club and the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Claudine’s work was recently filmed as part of Dave Iverson’s documentary Capturing Grace. Her choreography set on the Mark Morris Dance Group’s Youth Company along with members of the Brooklyn Parkinson Group and dNaga performed at the World Parkinson Congress in September 2016. Claudine’s untiring dedication to the community is further evidenced by her GIRL project, now in its fourth year. This is a free art and empowerment workshop for middle school girls living in the San Antonio District of Oakland.

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