reveal FREEDOM

revealFREEDOM is a dance inspired by civil rights leader Yuri Kochiyama and is danced to interviews with Kochiyama collected by Claudine Naganuma in 2010 and 2011.

Photo credit: Matt Haber

Presented in association with

the Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center 

May 7 and 8, 2011, Laney College Theater, Oakland, California

Artistic Director/Choreographer: Claudine Naganuma

Original Compositon: Joel Davel on Marimba Lumina

Saxophone: Richard Howell

Performed by Kai Kane Aoki Izu, Carly Boland, Clara Castronovo, Lihong Chan, Chaityn Isaacson-Brewster, Catalina Jackson Urueña, Lucie Jerome, Erin Landers, Khalil Lamnaour, Julia Milani, Allison Naganuma, Claudine Naganuma, Barbara Rickman, Nicola Schulte, Jerry Zeigler

Creative Consultant: Pamela Wu Kochiyama

Costume design and construction: Claudine Naganuma

Construction support: Montana MacDonald

T-shirts from the collection of Yuri, Audee, Eddie and Pamela Kochiyama

Photo credit: Matt Haber

Photo credit: Matt Haber

This project was funded in part by the East Bay Fund for Artists.



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