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Photo credit: Amber Starr

Brooklyn’s PEACE


Photo credit: Eddie Marritz

dNaga first took the stage in partnership with the Dance for PD® Program in 2010 at Laney College Theater in Oakland. The result was PEACE About Life: Dancing with Parkinson’s, a piece that used narrative medicine, physical expression, and intergenerational community to explore the hardships and wisdom gained through living (and dancing) with Parkinson’s Disease.

The Dance for PD® Program housed at the Mark Morris Dance Center (MMDC) in Brooklyn, NY had the similar idea of giving their dancers with Parkinson’s a performance opportunity. Naganuma was asked to set a piece on the community of dancers with PD in Brooklyn to be performed at MMDC on November 11, 2012. Her product was Brooklyn’s PEACE, a piece set on members of Broooklyn’s Dance for PD® Program, members of the Mark Morris Dance Group (MMDG) Student Company II, and members of the dNaga company.

Critically acclaimed film-maker Dave Iverson filmed the 18-month long process of preparing for this performance in a moving documentary entitled Capturing Graceof which dNaga is a part.

PD 1136

Photo credit: Amber Starr

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