Dance for PD®

Photo credit: KT Mower

Photo credit: KT Mower

The Dance for PD® program at Danspace is led by Claudine Naganuma with support by PD Active. Classes are free for all who attend and are taught by two teachers and offer live accompaniment.

“Having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, I was looking for ways to connect to a community and to add movement to my life. I was not disappointed. Claudine’s classes are dynamic, creative, fun and joyful. In these classes, we are dancers, not patients. I am not alone in saying that this class is the highlight of our week.”

                                                                       Martha Friedberg

The Dance for PD® program started in Brooklyn by members of the Mark Morris Dance Group in 2001, spearheaded by Program Manager David Leventhal. For more information about the program, please visit the Dance for PD® website. The Danspace program was initiated by Claudine Naganuma in 2007 when David Leventhal taught a master Dance for PD® class at Danspace. The classes were held bi-monthly, until 2009 when the Danspace program in partnership with PD Active was able to offer weekly classes year-round. For more information about PD Active please visit the PD Active websitedNaga supports this program and has dance company members who regularly attend this class.

Dance for PD® classes are free and open to the public. Please e-mail to reserve your spot!

A peek into what dance classes are like:

dNaga is featured in Dave Iverson’s documentary, Capturing Grace, highlighting beautifully the Dance for PD® Program and the Brooklyn Parkinson’s Group. Learn more on Dave Iverson’s documentary, Capturing Grace.